Birthday Cake


In 2017, the university of Ghent celebrates their two hundredth anniversary. For the occasion, it was decided to put up an exhibition in the city museum of Ghent, the STAM, reflecting on the intricate relation existing in between the university and the city. As the final piece of the exhibition, we decided to offer something else than more text and historic photographs. A birthday requires a cake. A 200th birthday requires a big one.


The exhibition celebrates the discoveries, the progress, the humanistic values developed by the institution. We celebrate the accumulation that happened during these two centuries. From the fronton of the Aula, an amazing array of university buildings have popped up in the city, becoming an integrative part of its fabric. From the Beaux-Arts buildings to the modernist prefabricated student housing blocks, and of course the crown, the Boekentoren from Henry Van de Velde.


The buildings are stacked on top of each other. The nine meter high sculpture fills up the space of the old church. The n§on-precise mattress foam composing the blocks slowly gets curvy, the joints dissolve, as a cake that would have been left for too long under the sun.


You can visit The City and the University until the 27th March 2018 at the STAM Ghent.


Project realised as an independant architect in collaboration with Bovenbouw Architectuur

Photos by Filip Dujardin


Axel Chevroulet