The Weather Followers


Created by David Colombini at the Royal College of Art, “The Weather Followers” is a sculpture connected to a webapp that brings serendipity to your digital life, using constantly evolving weather data recorded by four weather instruments.


The project offers humour, poetry and surprise as an alternative to ‘smart’ applications and predictive, comfortable digital routines. Instead of our decisions being driven by intangible algorithms and hidden lines of code, The Weather Followers helps us feel the speed and direction of the wind, the amount of particulate matter in the air, the intensity of the sun or the rhythm of the rain.


The project also contains a spiritual aspect, by welcoming and accepting the chaotic changes of the climate as the motor of our daily digital actions, we are also reminded that there are some things in life that are patently beyond us and that we can’t always adjust them in real time to our will.


The installation is comprised of two elements, the four weather instruments and the webapp. Users are invited to connect to the weather machine through the webapp and choosing between one of the four weather instruments:


– “Windy Encounters” sends your drawing in the direction of the wind.

– “Polluted Selfie” glitches your selfie according the surrounding pollution level.

– “Drizzly Rhythms” plays unexpected music according to the rhythm of the rain.

– “Sun(e)rase” deletes your data depending on the sun intensity.


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