Housing Cells Evolution

Competition proposal of 5th Daito Trust Construction, 2nd Prize


Daito Trust Construction, one of the biggest real-estate companies in Japan, looks for new ideas about the evolution of the housing real-estate domain.


In our days, to have a smartphone, to book online a flight ticket and to travel around the world become a normal routine.  Looking at the generation of our parents or our grand-parents, this was unthinkable. The proposal “Housing Cells Evolution” is a narrative about the evolution of the living style and the real-estate in our near future where the exchange of information and the speed of transport are being bigger and faster. The relation of Time and Distance will be narrower and the housing typology will adapt to the new context.


Toru Wada

In the near future, the increase of the transport’s speed allows human-being to live in multiple locations and to be more nomadic. Therefore the need of the real-estate changes, the notion of One Housing = One Property is anymore not necessary.

Adapting to the new situation, the real-estate company divides the housing format in 4 parts: bedroom, kitchen-dinning, living room, bathroom-toilet. Those ¼ units, called Housing Cells, are spreading with low cost on the market.

Because of the segregated cells, the surrounding changes also its aspect. Each plot is segmented into smaller plot and the cells affect the city scale. The units are again regrouping and joining in order to create symbiosis. The connected cells are modifying completely the cityscape.

Grouped cells are spreading and junctions are happening more and more. The phenomenon is growing not only on a local scale. Human-being owns Housing Cells on a city scale. No matter of district or prefecture border; the number of nomadic people are expanding.


Like dandelion seeds, the genes fly to another place. Crossing the borderline of countries, the cells propagate its existence. Going out of the frame, the housing DNA interacts with new culture and environment. The real-estate firms start bridging different lands.


Multiplying the expansion and the propagation, the cells help each to survive in a new context and decide to live together. The housing program and the users are segmented in our future. Human-being needs to redesign new typology of multiple units and new business model.


In a new environment and new needs, the genes mutate into a new morphology to create hybrid mix of housing cells. For example, a tower with only toilets, sneaked rooms in a cold area, a panoramic living rooms, a courtyard kitchens to organize secret cooking course, rooms for a couple who are divorcing, units arranged by the wind direction, capsule mansion of bedrooms, etc. An infinite combination of housing genes makes new world order in our future where the society becomes flat and chaotic by the acceleration of narrow Time-Distance relation.